If BSN is obtained online, can I still walk the stage?

  1. 0 Hello Nursing World,

    I have a question ...It may be a little silly but I was just wondering, if I receive my BSN online, will I still have the option of going through the formalities of 'Walking the Stage' to formally receive my diploma??

    I really don't want to deprive myself of that experience, yet I'd rather obtain my BSN online versus a Classroom setting. What's a girl to do??

    Please assist ...Thanks!!
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    This would be a question for the school where you are planning to earn your degree. Bet you will find out that they allow all graduates to participate in the ceremony.
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    It will depend on if your online school has a physical campus, how close it is to you, and if it produces a graduation ceremony. I think many programs do. I "walked the stage" and had a great time. It also meant pictures for my family in the cap and gown - older relatives loved that. Check with the programs you are considering.
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    Thank you both for your replies! It's greatly appreciated. I will definitely check on this ...

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