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Excelsior College Chronicity!

  1. 0 Hey,
    I'm starting to study for Chronicity. I was wondering if anyone had any tips.
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    Yes -- study. Use the EC exam content guide to guide your learning, and definitely take the practice exams! Those practice exams are worth every penny.
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    I totally agree with Lunah. Shis wll not steer you wrong. Best of Luck! Traci
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    Start out by doing the assigned reading in your reference books to give you that background "feel" before you start studying notes from various sources. Take enough time to prepare. Do not take the test if you have any doubt as to being ready.
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    I took it 1 month ago; no so bad; but every patient with pain had some kind of eye problem... A lot of, "what statements from the patient requires more education?" This probably made up for about 70% of the questions... I used the cliffnotes from distance learning systems; if ur using texts from EC then the info would probably be better.... Good luck....