Essentials of nursing care: Health Differences

  1. Ok so I recently started the nursing exams for Excelsior after spending most of the last year doing all of the general education requirements for the ASN. So far I have done Health Safety and Transition to the professional RN role. Those 2 were pretty straight forward and not difficult. I did the both in 16 days (8 each). I have submitted all of my enrollment requirements so that I will be able to register for health differences and the other 6. Has anybody taken Health Differences recently? Just trying to figure out the difficulty of it in comparison to health safety and transitions. Also, from start to finish which exam seems to give the most people difficulty. Good luck all!
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  3. by   SWilson213
    I am starting on Health Differences next week after I take Transitions. How was transitions? Any dates on it?
  4. by   gatormedic24
    Transitions wasnt bad at all. Defnitely know the theories and theorists. I would also pay attention to the roles of Nurse assistant, RN, BSN, NP etc. Not really any specific dates on the exam that I recall though. There were quite a few legal terms and questions on what the different associations were responsible for.