CPNE study buddy in CT!!

  1. Hello!

    I test next month in NY , and I am really looking for a study buddy in CT! I am attending a workshop next weekend which Im looking forward too, however I'd also like to get together with someone to practice labs, care plans, AOC's, etc....This is the only part i DISLIKE about distance education, you barely get human interaction! During LPN school the study groups were great, I miss it so much!

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  3. by   BeachieRN84
    I think there are a few girls on here from CT :-) That is where I am from originally... been in FL going on 10 years this year but I miss CT terribly! I have a friend in the program who is from New Haven, I think she's testing the weekend after you. LMK if you are nearby there and I will give her your info.

    I am SO lucky to have met and made such amazing friends in this program that live nearby. I don't know what I would do without them!!!
  4. by   BeachieRN84
    Hey girl, sent you a private message with her contact info, hope you guys can meet up :-)