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    Hi Everyone,

    I have been a member of this site for awhile now. But decided to join in. I
    took my Chronicity test this afternoon and passed with a B. Im not the
    smartest cookie ever, but if you use studygroup101 and I used Saunders
    comprhensive review and Med-Surg Success by Colgrove and Callicoatt it is definatly doable.
    Of course take the practice tests. You learn alot on this site, especially from the great
    advise from LunahRN and all the others who post on here.
    thank you and good luck to all!

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    Congrats on your grade!! What's next?
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    Thank you im torn between Reproductive Health and
    Transitions. Im leaning towards transitions as i hear its alot
    of memorization and i have the time right now
    to memorize. You have any sugestions .
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    Congrats and keep knocking them out!!!
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    Transitions is pretty dry ... a lot of who did what and when, as well as the role of the ADN nurse, delegation, etc. It would be a break from the usual, that's for sure!

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