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BSN looking for MSN in Nursing Adminisntration Online

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    Anyone attending an online BSN to MSN, that is reasonable priced, under 2 years and able to complete while working 40 hours and raising 2 small kids? I am looking into Nursing Administration, it has to be MSN and would like a good reputable University
    (if this matter) I have contacted Walden- but do not know how the program is set up or about reputation. Suggestions are welcomed!!
    Any info is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    Have you checked out WGU? Can't beat the price. It's a flat rate per 6 month term. You can accelerate to the next term if you complete your courses early and not have to pay extra. I am starting BSN to MSN in Leadership and Management Feb 1st. I work full time 40+ hours a week and have 2 small kids.
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    Try Indiana State University, a long-standing brick and mortar school that offers online MSN at about $17k.