Any UCCS Beth-El School of Nursing Students here?

  1. 0 Has anyone previously attended or is anyone currently attending the Distance Learning (online) Nurse Practitioner Program at the UCCS Beth-El School of Nursing with any thoughts to share, experiences, or helpful hints?

    I am debating attending the Fall 09 program. I have to make a decision between Graceland University and Beth-El and at a complete loss.

    Any words of wisdom would be extremely appreciated!

    Thank you!!
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    What did you choose? I just applied to UCCS.
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    How do you like UCCS FNP program?
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    Have any of you been attending Beth-El?
    Just curious your experience as I was accepted to their FNP program.

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    Moved to the Distant learning forum
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    I am thinking of applying to FNP program at UCCS Beth-el. Does anyone here go there? or know if the program is manageable when working full time?

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