Any online RN colleges that offer clinicals

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    My friend said that there is an online college that allows you to become an RN and the clinicals are done in your local state. She can't remember the name of it. I have 2 Bachelor of Science degrees and have all of my nursing prerequisites but of course can't get in because of the crazy competition. Thanks for any help.

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    There are some, just Google online nursing school - WGU, UTA...
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    Are you looking for entry to practice? WGU has an entry to practice program but only available in specific states: "WGU is currently recruiting students for programs in Southern California, Texas, Florida, Indiana and Utah" BSN with RN License | Online RN Degree | Online Nursing School

    UTA is distance only for ASN to BSN program not entry to practice.
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    UTA has a full BSN program online which you start with your prereqs and then apply to nursing school and then can do clinicals through a partner hospital...this is the Texas area.

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