Any Aspen University MSN Grads? Do they exist? Any Aspen University MSN Grads? Do they exist? | allnurses

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Any Aspen University MSN Grads? Do they exist?

  1. 0 I am very interested in Aspen's RN-MSN, leadership program but have never read of an actual graduate! Are there any?
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    Guess they don't exist.....
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    I was wondering the same thing....
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    I would ask the school for some references -- can't hurt!
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    Also, have you tried searching the forum? Use "Aspen graduate" or "Aspen nursing" as the terms and see what turns up.

    Yes, this thread will likely be the first in the list of results returned But many more results come up after that, so give it a try.
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    I am also interested in the Aspen U RN-MSN program. I have already signed up and seeking some insight into the program. However, my post was ignored