Any Arizona Excelsior People out there?

  1. I just started at Excelsior and am TRYING to work on NC1. I was wondering if there were any students or EC grads in Arizona. I am a Respiratory Therapist working full time, have a family with 4 kids etc. etc. Is it possible to wizzz through the NC 1-7 and get on the waiting list for the clinical things (CPNE?) at the end? Any advice would help! Study material etc. would be good too.
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  3. by   EricJRN
    I'm in TX, but I can tell you that some people have gone through NC 1-7 in only a few months. You can't get on the CPNE waiting list though until you're finished with the NC exams and are within, I think, 9 credits from finishing your general education hours.