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commissioners and nurse mitchell react to $750000 settlement 8/10/10‎ beau berman cbs 7 news bberman@cbs7.com august 10, 2010 kermit, texas -... Read More

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    Thanks for the great news Miss Piggy. What a great Christmas present for the brave nurses who turned him in!
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    Anyone know if the nurses have been able find employment?
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    Those nurses DID NOT have a supportive administrative staff. The CEO of this hospital knew about the problems with this physician but took no action other than terminating the nurses. The administrator needs to pay part of this fine out of his own pocket. And the Sheriff in this town needs to pay his part as well. He was firmly in bed with this physician, taking part in his little "vitamin" scam. No one in this event, except those nurses, gave one damn about the patients he was taking care of.
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    ex-hospital head takes plea in retaliation case

    kermit, texas — a former west texas hospital administrator accused of retaliating against two whistle-blowing nurses accepted a plea deal monday and could testify in trials for a doctor, sheriff and prosecutor facing similar charges….

    …wiley, who fired the nurses, pleaded guilty monday to a misdemeanor charge of abuse of official capacity. he was sentenced to 30 days in jail and fined $2,000. as part of the plea deal, wiley agreed to cooperate with the prosecution of the three remaining defendants.

    arafiles, winkler county sheriff robert roberts and county attorney scott tidwell face retaliation and other charges for pursuing cases against vickilyn galle and anne mitchell.

    the case against galle was dropped, and mitchell was exonerated of a felony charge of misuse of official information at a february 2010 trial. both women were in the courtroom monday....

    tidwell's attorney, david zavoda, told moore his client should be protected by prosecutorial immunity because he was only doing his job.
    prosecutor david glicker called that argument "shocking."
    "you're not acting like a prosecutor if you do something unlawful," glicker told the judge.
    moore rejected zavoda's argument….

    …among the nurses' complaints in their unsigned april 2009 letter to the medical board were that arafiles improperly encouraged patients to buy herbal medicines from him and had wanted to use hospital supplies to perform a procedure at a patient's home.

    arafiles, licensed in texas since 1998, has said the nurses' letter to the board was intended to harm him personally.

    the women sued the county and accepted a $750,000 settlement after they were cleared…

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    Thanks for the update herring!!!
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    TY for the update. I think about this case often and glad to see it moving forward.
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    Justice is Served: Texas Physician Pleads Guilty (11/8/11)

    Justice Served - Winkler County Sheriff Found Guilty of Retaliating Against Nurses (6/16/11)

    Winkler County Attorney Scott Tidwell Found Guilty on Six Counts 10/2/2011

    Winkler County Hospital Admin Stan Wiley Pleads Guilty, Jailed 3/21/11

    2012 Whistle-blower nurses see justice in the end

    Where are key figures in the story now?
    Ex-hospital administrator Wiley went back to Lubbock. Ex-doctor Arafiles is tossing pizzas at the Pizza Hut in Kermit. Ex-county attorney Tidwell is appealing his license revocation.

    Nurse Galle retired early, and Mitchell accepted a position working with developmentally disabled people in New Mexico.

    Muentzler, Glickler and Attaway still work for the attorney general's office.
    Glickler is running for judge in the 22nd District Court, covering Caldwell, Comal and Hays counties.
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