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commissioners and nurse mitchell react to $750000 settlement 8/10/10‎ beau berman cbs 7 news bberman@cbs7.com august 10, 2010 kermit, texas -... Read More

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    Wow. How can this man still have a license or practice after all those complaints? You would think someone besides these 2 nurses would have investigated him.
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    Quote from cherryames1949
    Joan, those are honest questions. I will answer as if they were asked of me. I know that it sounds like a lot of money but 375,000 dollars @ 50,000 dollars a year will only last 8 years. Work in the medical field will be difficult if not impossible for these two. They will have a reputation as troublemakers. This will follow them forever - professionally, financially, and emotionally.
    No, thanks for answering at all. I still think it was worth it. They inspire me to be ready to do the same if need ever be. Most doctors are amazing (at least 51%), but the ones with the egos so big, and competence levels so low, that they'd never think to check themselves, never acknowledge their errors, probably the same ones who talk down to nurses, aides, and patients - they're just the worst. THE worst. Not to mention, that whole southern 'good ol' boy's club' dynamic that seems to be present here.
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    375K each minus federal taxes minus attorney fees for thier criminal defense as well as the civil action. The total they actually wind up with is probably closer to 150k or even less. Plus, as several have said, they will have a difficult if not impossible time ever working as nurses again. Kind of makes what they did even more admirable.

    Meanwhile the doctor will probaly get a slap on the wrist from the good ole boys at the medical board plus a fine from Medicare and go right back to practicing somewhere else.

    Yep, justice is served.
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    The county will only pay $150,000 out of pocket, as the rest will be covered by the Texas Association of Counties' risk management pool, which is for all intents and purposes, the county's insurance policy.

    Nevertheless, taxpayers will foot the bill for the actions of several elected officials, like Scott Tidwell, Sheriff Roberts and Mike Fostel.

    Wow, these people don't even have to pay a dime for what they did. The American taxpayers have to pay? The 2 nurses lost their jobs and this is the exchange?

    Dr. Arafiles, who attended medical school in his native Philippines before training in the United States, was charged in late June by the Texas Medical Board with numerous violations

    And another Filipino again in the news. Grrrrr!!! I hate it when people like him disgrace my motherland. How long does it take to review a doctor? I hope his license gets revoked and not just restricted, as the article suggests. Nurses who did the right thing may not work again in the field they dedicated their lives to. I hope he can't get a job as a doctor forever. Other states beware, he may transfer to your neck of the woods.
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    I am proud of the nurses for doing the right thing but the price is high. Their lives are changed forever. I admire their courage in the face of certain difficulties. I hope that I would be able to do the same.
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    Quote from cherryames1949
    Joan, those are honest questions. I will answer as if they were asked of me. I know that it sounds like a lot of money but 375,000 dollars @ 50,000 dollars a year will only last 8 years. Work in the medical field will be difficult if not impossible for these two. They will have a reputation as troublemakers. This will follow them forever - professionally, financially, and emotionally.

    .......Especially here in West Texas.
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    Just found this article in the local news:

    Winkler doctor arrested | arafiles, winkler, county - Local News - Odessa American Online

    payback's a *****, isn't it?
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    Can't say I wasn't pleased to read this and I usually don't wish ill for people. Glad this scumbag will be leaving.
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    ...arafiles’ criminal charges come from the texas attorney general’s office. in the arrest warrant affidavit, arafiles is accused of giving patient information to winkler county sheriff robert roberts, arafiles’ friend and also a patient, so that roberts could investigate the source of the anonymous accusations against him. after determining the patients themselves hadn’t made the complaints, roberts identified galle and mitchell as the whistleblowers, setting into motion all future events that brought national attention to the small community.

    but prosecutors dismissed the case against galle, and mitchell was acquitted by jury in february. in august, the pair received $750,000 after winkler county settled a federal civil suit against many of the officials involved.

    the affidavit said arafiles disclosed the information to roberts to stop what he characterized as harassment against him, but that wouldn’t be considered a proper governmental purpose, especially against certified nurses with a duty to report harmful medical practices. the affidavit also said arafiles’ inquiries should have been directed to the texas medical board, not a local law-enforcement officer...
    gotta love karma
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    ...and here's another article about it, folks

    Doctor Arafiles Runs from CBS 7 Cameras After Arrest 12/22/10

    Beau Berman
    CBS 7 News
    December 22, 2010


    A year after a trial that made national headlines, a Winkler County Doctor is arrested for two 3rd Degree felonies.

    Doctor Rolando Arafiles was arrested for “misuse of official information” and “retaliation” after an investigation by the State Attorney General’s Office.

    After someone advised the AG’s office to launch an investigation a representative hit west Texas this week, arresting Doctor Arafiles on Tuesday.

    According to the Winkler County Sheriff, the arrests will keep on coming.

    Arafiles was arrested and taken to the Winkler County Detention Center Tuesday.

    He was issued a “PR” or Personal Recognizance Bond, meaning he didn't have to pay to leave the jail.

    However, officials did confiscate the passport of Arafiles, a native of the Philippines.

    The charges stem from conduct that took place here at the Winkler County Memorial Hospital in late April of 2009.

    According to the complaint, Dr. Arafiles retaliated against the two nurses after they called his medical practices into question.

    The facts in the official complaint filed against Arafiles aren't new. They came out in February 2010 when Arafiles took the stand in the trial against nurse, Anne Mitchell.

    But now, the Kermit "good-old boy system" as it's been called by so many is leading to punishment.

    "We made the AG's office aware on some level of what had happened in the case of those nurses", says Texas Medical Board spokeswoman, Leigh Hopper.

    Hopper says that when the TMB gave confidential information to Sheriff Robert Roberts in 2009, they didn't realize it would be misused.

    "We assumed that we were sharing information pertaining to the Sheriff also investigating the Doctor".

    That's what nurses Anne Mitchell and Vickilyn Galle wanted from the beginning - oversight into mistakes and questionable practices by Arafiles.

    Instead they were fired, arrested, indicted and then put on trial.

    The confidence Arafiles displayed when the nurses were on trial 11 months ago was nowhere to be found when we caught up with him this afternoon in Kermit.
    In a brief conversation with Arafiles' close friend, Robert Roberts, at the Winkler County Detention Center this afternoon, the Sheriff told us he believes he'll be arrested next.

    The Attorney General’s office would not comment on any future arrests but because of the cooperation between the Doctor, Sheriff, County Attorney, District Attorney and Hospital Administrator in 2009, some are saying that any one of them could be the next official behind bars.
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