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Wisconsin debate: should school nurses be required to distribute anti-aborition pamphlets to students? MERRILL -- LincolnCounty teenagers who go to school nurses with questions about sex will be... Read More

  1. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from swarner5
    yes, you can have complications after an abortion, which is what they tell the girls. yes, some will suffer emotionally afterward. all of these are warnings which are given before any medical procedure and before taking medication. worst case scenarios are explained so the patient knows all the possibilities, but they do not tell them it is inevitable.
    i realize that some of these places are not on the up and up just as i know many planned parenthood sites are also not giving unbiased information. i know this from experience so you don't accuse me of talking without knowing.
    however, i don't accuse them all of the same thing.

    i agree with this. to give teenagers all the factual information is healthy and ethical.

    as to giving unbiased information, the local pp in a college town regularly hands the girls on their way out from an appointment for a pap/pelvic or other medical procedure, a brown paper bag with emergency contraception without any education. nothing about what might happen if they start bleeding. it is very frustrating for me, a nurse, whose daughter's roommates keep these bags on their nightstands instead of going on birth control. ("bcp's will make me fat" - "if i have sex and don't use a condom, i can always just use the emergency contraception instead"). and these girls nowadays are very promiscuous. "hook-ups" are common as are getting really drunk or taking mind-altering drugs.

    now - as swarner said - this is anecdotal. not every pp clinic is this irresponsible.

    i do like the idea about being able to fund everything they do besides abortion.

    but, if obamacare sticks around, that is supposed to make sure everyone has coverage. so, maybe pp will become obsolete?

  2. by   msn10
    Although I am a nursing instructor, I am a prn school nurse at one of the high-schools in Wisconsin and

    the Hope brochures do not comply with the Healthy Youth Act, signed into law by former Gov. Jim Doyle last year.
    I did have a girl come to me recently who believed she was pregnant. It is so difficult when these situations arise because no matter what you believe as an individual, you must help the patient. I hope that nurses in this state are able to remain autonomous and not have transient political figures with no medical or nursing background make unilateral decisions that will effect an entire population of students.
  3. by   PMFB-RN
    Quote from Spidey's mom
    And these girls nowadays are very promiscuous. "Hook-ups" are common as are getting really drunk or taking mind-altering drugs.
    *** I chuckle whenever I read this or similar. What period in time are your comparing "nowadays" to? I graduated over 20 years ago and you just described that period of time perfectly.