Why are nurses paying for bankers' mistakes?

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    nursing times is a weekly magazine for nurses in the united kingdom.
    why are nurses paying for bankers' mistakes?
    unite's barrie brown on why it's so unfair to attack nurses' pensions
    the choice that the government is now offering nurses and nhs staff is pay more, get less and, if you don't like it, you are free to leave the nhs pension scheme....

    ... the average nhs pension is less than 6,000 and there is more paid into nhs pensions each year than is paid out to pensioners. so why is this attack on pensions happening? it has nothing to do with the value of nurses and other health workers and their contribution to a vastly improved health service. it has nothing to do with a crisis in the nhs pension scheme. it has nothing to do with maintaining the morale and commitment of hard-pressed nursing professionals. instead, this is part of the government's continuing commitment to counter the impact of the financial crisis brought about by bankers with their multimillion-pound bonuses by penalising nurses...

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    I guess it's an obvious statement, but this seems so unfair; something's very lopsided and shady!
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    It is in vogue now to penalize the working man or woman and to scapegoat them for all of the country's financial woes. The disparity betweem rich and poor has never been greater. Until our legislators lead for ALL the people we will continue to see the rich get rich and the poor get poorer. Someone has to pay and it won't be the rich.
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