what many of us know about being a newbie RN

  1. 1 ...but this may help some of us in light of all the disbelievers out there:

    Minnesota public radio podcast:

    Marketplace Money: "Finding a job is not easy for new nurses"
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    It's good that some media outlets are finally acknowledging that the nursing shortage is not a shortage of qualified nurses, but a shortage of nursing positions. I was fortunate enough to receive a job offer on a med-surg unit before I graduated this May, but many of my classmates have not had the same luck. They all thought I was crazy for sending out applications in January...

    It sounds like the guy's setting himself up for more problems by going back to school for a BSN. I'm not sure how valued the BSN is in Minnesota, but I'm pretty sure it won't be the key that will get him into a hospital gig. If his family is barely making ends meet right now, I can't imagine that two years of tuition costs will help their financial situation.

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