What the heck? How does the NURSING SHORTAGE keep on keepin on?

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    This article fails to address how new graduate RNs are treated IF they can find a job. SC may not be as bad as some states but also lower paying, so once their nurses get 1-2 yrs acute care experience they will leave for greener pastures.

    Yes it is unfortunate for those people wanting to go to nursing school and can't get in but most people have no idea including the person who wrote that article.
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    The "nursing shortage" might be slowing down but their are still more states than not where a new grad, especially a new BSN, can find a job before or shortly after graduation. Take California, Texas, New York, and Florida out of the equations; most other states still need more nurses.
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    Don't forget Boston/MA where jobs are far and few between. There is no shortage. This hype is being promoted to keep the market glutted so the hospitals can cut pay and benefits.......just so they can take us back to 40 years ago when we were paid barely above minimum wage... had few benefits, toms of mandatory OT, and a 25Cent shift diff.....it makes me ANGRY!

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