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    I think Walmart's idea is brilliant- I think it will make the CEO's of these healthcare systems look like just what they are- greedy,self serving, and it will be beating them at their own game. WalMart will still be turning a profit. If it sells health insurance - again it will make the insurance co's like bad also- greedy, self serving. Those who want to continue to buy a HMO at the BCBS price- enjoy. I'm going to Wal mart, and have money left over to buy a new HDTV- biggie siz, some fun stuff. I might even have enough money for down payment on the mcMansion next to the Hospital CEO- with myWalmart $1 solar landscape lights in the driveway!!!( just to pee him off- payback are a -----)
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    Quote from netglow

    Heck, I saw something about India and how well they have placed the groundwork for affordable high-end procedure-based care. They have complete focus. If I can find some kind of link to the video, I'll post it. It might have been MSNBC or 20/20 or something similar.
    Would that include the "high-end" hospital in Kolkata, India, where many, many patients were recently killed in a horrible fire?
    The article I read said that the doctors were the first ones out of the building, leaving the bedbound patients.

    I guess that is what a true, profit-motive person would do, right? There's no profit in providing a safe building, as long as people don't know about it, or in rescuing patients from a fire, right?

    So just how do enforced regulations contribute to the bottom line?

    I really think that when profit-taking and health care get together, a monster is created.
    Tell me, how can sick people be profitable - no way for that to happen.
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