WA: Lower Columbia College on-line nursing course earns national recognition

  1. 0 LPNs who aspire to becoming full registered nurses are reaching their goal, thanks to an online nursing program at Lower Columbia College that recently received national recognition.

    More... LCC's on-line nursing course earns national recognition (The Daily News)
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    the estimated cost of the program, with fees and tuition, is $1,780.20, joiner said.

    in the summer, students gather for an intensive, eight-week clinical course at st. john medical center in longview and st. peter hospital in olympia.

    what a wonderful program! wow and the cost is very low too. good for them! wish we had something like that here. we do have our lvn-rn programs but not in this type of format. how interesting!
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    I've known a few people that went through this program, they described it as very intense but good.

    I was finishing up my RN at LCC when they started working on this program--a ton of planning was put into it. WAY TO GO LCC!!!

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