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~y2009m8d21-Our-Veterans-deserve-better-than-Obamas-VA-Death-Book-directive This is the booklet, , What do you think ? If Universal Care becomes an option do you feel comfortable giving... Read More

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    the health care plan doesn't have the public going to VA hospitals *misinformation from the opposition* Both sides are paid by opposite sides of the health care system; unless they can coordinate their bribes, nothing meaningful will pass. That's where the misinformation is coming from.
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    Quote from Moogie
    Health care reform will ensure that people have access to primary care providers regardless of their ability to pay. We will see fewer people putting off receiving care until they are extremely sick, as we see so often today.

    I also don't see many providers, especially in rural areas, refuse to take patients who have poor prognoses. If that was the case, there would be NO physicians or NPs providing services to residents in LTC. BTW, how do you know someone even has a poor prognosis unless he/she has already received some sort of medical care?

    The current system is an unholy mess. How would reforming the way providers are compensated result in poorer care or decreased coverage?
    If doctors choose not to participate in the programs, then there would be fewer docs and increased burden to those that do participate. Already MDs are rushed due to insurance guidelines that many of them do not spend the time that is so important to the MD/Pt relationship.

    Once again, how are we going to pay for this? I already see where the underinsured or the uninsured have difficulty in getting the care that they need because of inability to pay. You ER nurses out there-How many times do you see folks that are "treated and streeted" when you know that they needed inpatient care. Basically this is rationing too.

    I worked in a rural area for years before moving to the "big city" and I can honestly say that all the docs I worked with took care of patients whether they could pay or not. Young, old, chronically didn't matter. They just accepted it as part and parcel of working in an economically depressed area.
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    Blue heaven, you're so right. I take care of patients all the time who will never pay the surgeon or the hospital, but we still take care of them. Don't even try to collect - just consider it as "being done for Jesus." This is MOST of the docs I've worked with. But we do have one who hasn't taken Medicare patients for his entire career )about 20 years) and I wouldn't want to think of a future filled with doctors like him.
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    The booklet has been pulled off the VA web site.

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