VA Nurse Accused Of Anti-Gay Tirade

  1. A wounded lesbian Marine veteran who sought mental health treatment at the Dallas VA Medical Center claims she was subjected to an extended anti-gay tirade by a nurse practitioner.
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  3. by   Conqueror+
    Here we go...
  4. by   NickiLaughs
    This is very upsetting to me.
  5. by   VivaLasViejas
    How incredibly inappropriate.

    BTW, not all Christians---or people who claim to be---are judgmental toward LGBT folks.

    Just sayin'.
  6. by   kids
    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    How incredibly inappropriate.

    BTW, not all Christians---or people who claim to be---are judgmental toward LGBT folks.

    Just sayin'.
    And not all people who claim to have been abused by a health care professional have been.
    I'll reserve judgement until BOTH sides have had a chance to tell their version of what happened.
  7. by   CrazierThanYou
    We had a lesbian patient in clinical who was in the end stages of liver failure from Hep C. She was in so much pain and was not ready to die while her partner was devastated. It was heartbreaking to me but one of my classmates wanted to talk about nothing besides the fact that she was gay. And not in a good way, either.
  8. by   RyanCarolinaBoy
    To me, whether or not a patient is gay/straight/lesbian/ their own business. It makes no difference in my care of them. If this allegation is actually true, then the N.P. absolutely needs to be fired. There is no room in healthcare for this type of bigotry. 100 years ago women didn't even have the right to vote, but look how far we have progressed. Same with the gay issue. It needs to be laid to rest. Straight, gay, whatever...we were "Born This Way" as lady gaga said.

    Regardless, I hope that this N.P. wasn't actually this stupid!!!
  9. by   kcmylorn
    I too will reserve judgment. It could be the reason the Vet was before the psychiatric NP to start with.- delusions of persecution, auditory hallucinations and paranoia. Must have been a very interesting intake assessment.
  10. by   12hours
    She needs to prove her case first.
  11. by   Hawkens
    I cannot see someone sitting still for three hours being harangued about their sexual orientation and how they are going to hell. I may be too cynical but I smell something rotten and it is not the NP, maybe somebody is looking for a early Christmas bonus/payoff, nothing gets people to chose sides without paying attention to the details like homosexuality and Christianity.
  12. by   Community_Health_RN
    I think it is great that nurses on this site think the best of our colleagues and want to hear the NP's perspective but I will say this patient's report of the NP's behavior is consistent with things I have hear nurses say about LGBT patients. These nurses have thankfully been in the minority of the nurses I have known but they are out there.

    I hope that just because this patient was seeking care for psych concerns that her report will be treated with the same seriousness that any other patient's claim of discriminatory behavior would be. I am not surprised that a patient who is experiencing depressive symptoms and who needs to be taken seriously by this provider to get care would sit through 3 hours of homophobic commentary. (Especially given the fact that she was experiencing SI).

    I very much hope the patient has been able to get the care that she needs and that this matter will be thoroughly investigated by the VA system and the TX BON.
  13. by   kcmylorn
    I have worked and currently do work around alot of NP's- and in quite a variety of specialities- I can honestly say, I can't think of 1 who would initiate or engage in such an inappropriate interaction with a patient. I have worked with a few NP's who are gay themselves. I am finding this account of an NP's intake interview with a MH patient just a little too bizzare.
    I am still passing on judgment- giving the issues and circumstance this Vet brings to the table.( gays in the military, PTSD, depression, SI/?HI and possibly other MH dx- I think the list could go on) I just can't see such blatant malpractice. I hope while they are investigating this NP, someone is watching/monitoring the patient. I'd be alittle more suspicious of the patient as a potential threat( a physical threat). JMHO
  14. by   mama_d
    I'm going to assume that there were no previous incidents like this that have been documented with this NP, since there was no mention of it in the article...and we all know how dirt like that gets dug up and reitererated in these kinds of circumstances. With that assumption, it strikes me as odd. Usually there's a pattern of behavior from people who do that kind of thing. And why on Earth would that be the very first question asked?

    If it did happen as it's alleged to have, by all means something should be done. But there's just not enough information to make me even think about jumping on and signing a petition to get someone fired.

    Heck, I've had patients acuse me of being racist just b/c I didn't get their dilaudid quickly enough for them. I'd like some more info before coming to any conclusions.