Use of Health Management Consultants Draws Fire - page 2

by kari lydersen published: august 19, 2011 when its chief operating officer, tony tedeschi, handed over his responsibilities at the troubled cook county health and hospitals system last month... Read More

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    Quote from RN1980
    hiring outside consultants is a routine thing at my hospital. we have 3 ceo's at my place of work..we refer to them as the "3 stooges". of course they make hard command decisions like informing staff where we cant or can park, changing the times the cafateria is open and what kind of tv's to place in the waiting rooms...pretty impressive huhh. but for any decision that might actually take them out of there comfort zone they'll gladly shell out 50-100k to have someone else come in and lead them by their little darling hands. i honestly think its done as a safety net for the ceo's..meaning if the idea is a bust and the hospital loses money, they can just lay the blame on the consultant and divert the blame off them. purley face saving tactic. thats is how its done here in mississippi..
    This is pretty much the rule in business- you need a fall guy. If the risk is not justifiable, then you need a fall guy to take the blame. Not right but that's how it works.