UPENN Nursing graduates see large increase in employment rate

  1. 0 Univ. of Pennsylvania School of Nursing graduates of the class of 2012 saw a significant increase in employment over the class of 2011.

    The Career Plans Survey, released by Career Services, revealed that 75 percent of Nursing School graduates obtained full-time employment, a major increase from 59 percent full-time employment for graduates of the class of 2011.

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    Good news. I can see this remaining as Obamacare becomes more implemented (though I do not support it).
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    ... and CNN has finally started reporting the difficulties new grads have had getting jobs -- now that the situation is starting to improve.

    Great timing.
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    Please be aware this article is UPENN's own newspaper quoting coLleges Career Center data. Can not be extrapolated outside this school

    If Univ. of Penn, an IVY league college had only 59% of it's graduates obtain jobs in 2011 and 75% for 2012 grads, you know the job market is extremely difficult in PA and surrounding states DE and NJ --30 min ride....along with nationally as many students from outside PA.

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