UPDATE: Nurses Say Hospital Gave Them Choice: Assist Abortions or Lose Job - page 11

"Lorna Jose Mendoza has been given a choice. She can either assist in an abortion this week at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, or she could refuse and risk losing her job. Mendoza is one of a dozen nurses who... Read More

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    I heard one of the nurses on the radio today. From what I heard they don't work in the Operating Room they work in doing the peri operative care. That being said, they don't want to have any interaction with patients undergoing an abortion.

    I can see where this could be a management nightmare. Nurse X states, I don't want to participate in any abortion therapy....... therefore this patient, can't work in out patient GYN ( may seek abortion counseling), Emergency Room ( since a woman who had an abortion early in the day with complications may come in), can't be on the Code Team ( what happens if a patient having an abortion codes?), can't be on the medical or surgical unit ( for the same reason, what happens if a patient gets admitted?), psych ( what happens if a women comes in for counseling?). I guess the only place they can comfortably work is in Geriatrics.

    These nurse need to find employment in a hospital ( like a Catholic Hospital) and go lobby to make abortion illegal.

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