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Philadelphia Inquirer; Posted on Mon, Jun. 8, 2009 Unproven, perilous alternative cures are embraced By Marilynn Marchione Associated Press... Read More

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    The nurses who are performing the complimentary therapies including Reiki at the trauma center are not doing it "instead" of more mainstream treatment. Rather they are using it "in conjunction with" the treatment. Nobody said to take the patient away from the hospital and perform Reiki and it will cure. That's why I don't like the term "alternative" to describe what's happening in the article.

    Keep in mind at one time and for centuries, antisepsis was considered to be bunk. Many modern treatments were also poo-pooed by scientists of their day, but over time as technology became more refined, these practices became accepted as standard, and not always with solid evidence behind them.

    When I was in nursing school our pharmacology instructors taught that nobody really knows the true mechanism of action of acetaminophen, ibuprohen, and aspirin, but they work, so we use it.

    Please don't toss all complinetary therapies into the hokey category before actually looking at them.
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    It just vexes me when people fork over hundreds, even thousands, of dollars for some of these treatments that have NO hard evidence that they help. How much are these trauma patients paying for these "complementary" treatments? I'm sure they are not "complimentary".
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    But again, the doctor even admitted that they seem to work. If it helps someone deal with their pain, and they are paying for it (since I am sure insurance does not), what is the harm? I fail to see how something like this could be considered "perilous" as the article title states.
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    Quote from country mom
    I'm all for complementary/alternative therapies, with one caveat, "show me your data".
    Research for most treatments are either grant-funded or funded by pharmaceutical companies who are interested in patenting products. In fact "orphan drugs" are drugs that companies don't want to bother to research because there is not enough of a market for treatment of extremely rare diseases. So really it is all about money and profit.

    Since most alternative therapies are traditional therapies or plants and therefore cannot be patented, companies are not interested in funding research on them. What would be the financial incentive to research goldenseal, when almost anybody in the Northeast can grow it in their own backyard?

    This is why you can't say "show me the data" until research and profit are delinked. (Like that's ever going to happen!)
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    Both goldenseal and garlic are very effective antibiotics. I've cured two systemic staph infections using a combo of these as remedies. You still need to replace intestinal flora afterwards though.
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    Quote from greenbeanio

    This is why you can't say "show me the data" until research and profit are delinked. (Like that's ever going to happen!)
    Somehow, Florence Nightingale managed to conduct research in a field hospital in the Crimean. I doubt she had any corporate backing or grant funding. Watch, study and document your findings, that's all I'm asking. If it works, good, if it doesn't, then quit wasting everybody's time and money.
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    Since the beginning of mankind we have had forms of medicine. Our understanding of nature and how we are connected (health) keeps evolving. Even understandings 'proven' by our most developed scientific tools have been and are challenged by different groups within the scientific community. The fact that our applications of medicine through Newtonian science are changing to more advanced through Einteinian science. Such as quantum physics and the latest science emerging such as quantum biology. This knowledge is leading to a greater understanding by even physics, of 'vibrational' medicine. Reiki, music therapies, etc. are modalities that work with wave pattern in the body and throughout the universe. Quatum understanding is that every thing is moving energy, maybe even sound waves. This is science, some of our technologies are based on this while they are 'tried' and proven true. The same about medications. Over 40% of the meds distributed to people have not been 'proven' to be affective. Those that have, have been tried for years on 'us'. The FDA requires so many years of 'proof' as far as med's go. But then there is the monopoly. That changes how all of this is presented to you and me. Its all about money maybe even fame as history tells without lies.
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    I use both allopathic and alternative, myself. I like to make my own choices based on my own research. I also see nothing wrong with energetic therapies.

    Many traditional cures have a long history of safe use. Labeling all alternatives as unsafe and perilous closes the door on many that do work, and are embraced by many health care providers. Just because the US medical system is biased towards allopathic therapies does not automatically mean that everything else is bogus. It only means that our docs are not trained in anything else. In Europe, many docs write scripts for herbals. Why? Because they are trained in their use, and they do work safely.

    I also have a problem with the FDA making decisions for me. That revolving door between the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA is troublesome. This is not to say that the FDA is all bad. Of course, it is not but it is overwhelmingly in favor of pharmaceuticals as our only choices. I would be in favor of regulating herbals and supplements but not by the FDA.
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    this stuff been around for decades
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    I have a head in both worlds, I am RN who has studied herbs, homeopathy & relaxation.
    An open mind is a very powerful tool, learning to help patients balancing allopathic medicine with
    complementary practices is the key. An example I had a patient who was given a diagnoses that included surgery for an ailment, but chose to try and find another way. With the aid of several visit to the chiropractor,acupunture treatments and some PT treatments they were able to resolve there issues and avoid the surgery.

    Also many of these CAM therapies have extensive research and studies that support them...

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