UAE unifies license for medical/nursing practitioner


    this was published on January 31..others would have known by now but i I still feel like sharing ^_^.. gud way to jump start d year with this gud news
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    The link doesn't work. Can you provide a new one?
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    Thousands of doctors, nurses and health professionals can now practice anywhere in the UAE. The Ministry of Health (MoH), Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) signed an agreement on Wednesday for the unification of licenses for medical practitioners in the country.
    Medical practitioners in the country were waiting for this unification process for some time as this will enhance their employment chances.
    "It’s a new step on the right path in order to unify the regulations, laws and procedures governing this noble human profession," said Dubai Ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum about the agreement that was signed on the sidelines of Arab Health Exhibition & Congress.
    According to the ministry sources, the law would standardize several aspects of medical services in private and public sectors. The law would also ensure there was a single format for hiring, and salaries for each job.
    “This is a good step and now a plenty of medical professionals will be available in the market as they can practice in any emirate with any of MoH/DHA/HAAD licenses,” investors told Arab News.
    Sheikh Mohammed described Health Exhibition & Congress as an excellent scientific medical demonstration, considering the scientific level of both participants and visitors, saying that the exhibition was a platform to exchange views, ideas, experiences and scientific studies that contribute to the development of health care.
    Sheikh Mohammed stressed that the UAE will always remain an oasis of cultural harmony and human generosity.

    -Source : ARAB NEWS