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by AP, 07/18/2009 Two West Texas nurses have been indicted after filing an anonymous complaint about a doctor's practices with the Texas Medical Board, but the state agency says the women did... Read More

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    "Unbelievably, the judge in Winkler County has denied all motions to dismiss this case and the nurses are headed to trial" partial quote from post #188 by

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    ".......boys club, politics, and red tape..........." quote from post # 189 by Batman

    All of the above leads to money. Find out whose, and bingo! Let's see how long it takes nurses with hacker friends, to find out what's been deducted - in $100,000s of dollars, from that doctor's bank accounts, what real estate he sold, etc. C'mon, y'all, you can do it!

    The only question is, how does it get admitted as proof, in court.
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    election time. the "tough on crime" pricks are out. For profit prisons pay off judges and politicians (read the news for the few caught; where's the outrage)? These lobbyists pay the media, too. They're looking for 50k a year per prisoner. The bribes are in the millions and tens of millions, no kidding. Check it all for yourselves! There's your money. THey caught only 2 recently but everyone knows it's going on. We imprison 25 percent of all in the world...because it's for profit now!
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    This is terrible for every nurse practicing and working to protect patients. I have sent this to Sean Hannity at Fox news in hopes of getting the public support in a time where Healthcare is in such debate. If these nurses can go through this every nurse must realize it could happen to you. Where is our outrage and why are we not doing more to show our unity. Could these nurses contact allnurses web site and tell us how to help!
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    Maybe I'm not seeing what Castlegate sees connecting the criticized doc and prisons for profit, in colusion against the nurses who exposed the doctor as less than adequate medical practitioner.....
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    Some strange X-files like theories guys? Some strang back country politics until proven otherwise IMHO. No need to make things more complicated. However, it seems the way Texas regulates rogue doctors is a little interesting.


    I guess getting a little too "friendly" with the kids is small fry? Perhaps we have a culture of letting some doctors get their way regardless of the harm produced in some of these areas, if this current news story has validity.
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    Does anyone out there have an update on this case?
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    Please check the Texas Nurses Association website www.texasnurses.org for ongoing updates on the case. A FAQ is also available on this site which provides facts surrounding the case and its progress.A pre-trial hearing was held (yesterday) Oct. 21. The trial is expected to be held in Dec. or Jan. For more info see the website. The nurses have expressed their gratitude for all the warm support from across the country.
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    winkler county update

    a second, pre-trial hearing was held wednesday, october 21, in the winkler county nurses case to hear motions before the court related to criminal charges against the nurses for misuse of information. three motions by defense attorneys were heard by district judge james l. rex:
    1.reconsideration of a motion to suppress certain evidence which the court had previously denied
    2.a motion for change of venue
    3.a motion for attorneys to have access to patient records so their medical experts could determine if the nurses' concern about substandard care by the physician was reasonable.

    the texas department of state health services (dshs) surveyed the winkler county memorial hospital in response to a complaint filed by texas nurses association against the hospital for its policy prohibiting nurses from reporting to outside regulatory agencies and for terminating the two nurses for reporting a physician to the texas medical board. dshs concluded that the two nurses had reported the physician in good faith and that the hospital had retaliated against them for reporting the physician.
    the motion to reconsider suppressing evidence was based on the dshs report, which has been entered into evidence. the court did not rule on this motion.
    attorneys for the nurses stated that the court indicated that motions for a change of venue and access to medical records would be granted.

    while the court's favorable action on the two motions was good news, it remains unfortunate that this case has not been dismissed and appears headed for trial. the case is expected to go to trial in december or january.
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    I agree 110% with everything that has been said about this case. Except for one thing! Think out side the box. Make lemonade out of lemons. Is it really a bad thing if this goes to trial? Think about all of the publicity that this case will garner. Folks, this is an opportuniy of a life time to get the horrendous working conditions in the hospitals in Texas, out in the open, with all the dirty laundry wide open for the entire world to see. And the treatment of the nurses by physicians and hospital administration.

    These angels of mercy, with only the concern for their patients in mind, battled Goliath and got smashed. With the patients of Texas hospitals feeling the pain of this miscarriage of justice, as well.

    Think about the publicity! They need to make the most of this and truly slam the hospital, doctor, and the DA, who allowed this to happen. Make them pay dearly for their arrogance! JMHO and my NY $0.02.

    Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Spokane, Washington
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