Travler Nurse Employment Sees Increased Demand

  1. For the past 20 years, Pitts has been loading up her car and heading across the country to work in hospitals in need of skilled, short-term nursing help. She's worked in New York, Texas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Washington, D.C., and is often gone for months at a time.

    "I'm having so much fun," said Pitts, currently doing a three-month stint at Nantucket (Mass.) Cottage Hospital. "My job is a working vacation. I pick a location, and sometimes I may not even know where it is. I told my agent that I was going to drive all the way to Nantucket, and she said, 'No, Pat, you can't. It's an island.' "

    Pitts is one of thousands of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and nurse practitioners in the U.S. who travel around the country and sometimes the world, filling in at hospitals, nursing homes, dialysis clinics and other healthcare facilities looking for experienced temporary nurses.

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