Toronto RN Severely Beaten

  1. In the early morning hours of Sunday, October 24, an RN was attacked as she exited a room at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto. She was "punched in the face and then dragged into a locked utility room where the male patient repeatedly kicked the nurse in the head."

    Ontario Nurses' Association First Vice-President Vicki McKenna, RN says she is "beyond angry, frustrated and appalled"

    "Our member might have been killed, but for the fact that another staff person witnessed the attack and called for assistance," says McKenna. "The RN suffered critical injuries and her sight may be permanently affected. This was yet another very serious event in a long line of workplace violence incidents at CAMH, yet this employer continues to display its laissez-fair attitude to workplace safety and its obligation to protect staff."

    In addition to its failure to keep workers safe, CAMH also failed to notify the Ministry of Labour immediately, as is required under the law. McKenna says there is absolutely no excuse for this oversight, especially with the organization's history of being charged with workplace safety infractions by the Ministry multiple times.
    McKenna went on to say, "We cannot continue to sit back and wait for an RN to be murdered before this employer is forced to take action."

    This is not the first time employees have suffered injuries at CAMH. CAMH was fined $80,000 in July for failing to protect two of its staff.

    In that incident, a CAMH nurse suffered a fractured eye socket, contusions to the face and head and injuries to her wrist and back when a patient repeatedly kicked her in the head in January 2014. The nurse couldn't activate the personal alarm she's required to wear; a colleague helped her escape.
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  3. by   CanadianRN16
    I've heard similar stories at the Royal Ottawa Hospital...this culture of brushing assault of healthcare workers under the rug just because they're psych patients isn't right :S
    How are we suppose to do our jobs if we're working in unsafe comprsing environments?