this is an interesting story, nurse turned detective loses job - page 2

"Suspecting that an anesthesiologist might be using narcotics intended for patients, a nurse did her own quick investigation, alerted Elliot Hospital officials about her suspicions and eventually... Read More

  1. by   klone
    Quote from Whispera
    She switched syringes to what? How did the switch prove there was a diversion? There's alot unanswered in this article.
    My understanding is she took the syringe labeled "Fentanyl" and had it tested (or was going to have it tested?). Her suspicion was that the syringe didn't actually contain Fentanyl. She should have just overrode pyxis, pulled out more Fentanyl, put THAT in the syringe, and taken the suspect syringe for testing. PUtting a totally different med in it and labeling it "Fentanyl" makes her guilty of all sorts of things too.
  2. by   22gawhitacre
    Quote from Sweet_Wild_Rose

    That still doesn't make it right.

    And who is claiming it does?
  3. by   22gawhitacre
    after re-reading the article it appears as though she was the CRNA doing the case and he just drew up meds and was going to give her a break. If that is the case she did nothing wrong as it was her case that she performing. Now, did she supplement with some additional pain medication? Who knows?
  4. by   Whispera
    I don't see anything that says she's a CRNA...
  5. by   DedHedRN
    I think the fact that she switched drug labels for drugs that were for the pt was probably the reason she really got in trouble. Not so much playing detective.
  6. by   Prairienurse1989
    The Doctor committed the identical offense, he was drug tampering. Not only that, he was diverting it for (?personal use). Admittedly the Nurse also was drug tampering. The difference however, is motive, and that is where you find guilt. Unfortunately you cannot be exonerated from legal proceedings for having good intentions. My personal opinion however is the same as her BON, she was acting in good faith.
  7. by   RNFiona
    She went about it the wrong way and completely overstepped her bounds. She deserved to be fired.