The New Face of Health Care: Why Nurses Are in Such High Demand

  1. As new models for dealing with the rising costs of health care emerge, new types of leaders are taking over, with skilled nurses rising to the top.

    According to The Atlantic, these new physician and nurse execs bring strong clinical and patient care experience to the C-suite. Many also hold MBAs and finance degrees to supplement their clinical training. With such credentials, healthcare organizations are adopting new physician executive positions to lead them through the industry-wide transformation, including chief quality officers, chief clinical integration officers, chief knowledge officers, chief experience officers and even chief incentive officers.

    Nurses also are moving into the C-suite, as a growing number of academic medical centers and large integrated healthcare systems are hiring chief nursing information officers. More organizations want IT experts with a nursing background to help manage their health IT implementation, which is largely completed by nurses, FierceHealthIT previously reported.

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  3. by   Guttercat
    Thanks for the link.

    Was just discussing with one of the docs I work closely with about whether an MBA would be a good option for me, as opposed to ANP/PA."

    He told me, "only if you enjoy making the Providers' lives hell."