Texas LVN shoots and kills new mom, abducts 3 day old baby

  1. I just read this. So very sad! Thankfully the baby boy was found alive and well and is being reunited with his father. Thoughts and prayers to Kala Marie Golden's family and loved ones.


    "SPRING, Texas-A registered nurse has been charged with capital murder in the shooting of a young mother and the abduction of her newborn son at a pediatric clinic near Houston, a prosecutor said Wednesday.Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon told ABC's "Good Morning America" that Verna McClain was charged early Wednesday in the killing of Kala Marie Golden...."
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  3. by   classicdame
    Horrible!! Did not state if nurse was working anywhere. I really feel for that family.
  4. by   KaroSnowQueen
    I read the entire article. That poor woman, fatally injured and trying to retrieve her baby. It makes me physically ill that someone, and a nurse at that!, could do this. How dreadfully sad and needless.
  5. by   HouTx
    Just an FYI y'all - I checked our BON website "Verna McClain" is an LVN (licensed in Oct, 2010), not an RN. Doesn't make it any less horrible, but the press should at least check facts before publication - it's easy enough to do.
  6. by   punkydoodlesRN
    this simply blows my mind and makes my heart ache...

    houston-- capital murder charges have been filed against a woman investigators say fatally shot a mother outside a woodlands-area pediatric center [color=#333333]so she could kidnap the victim's baby. the suspect, 30-year-old verna mcclain, was in custody wednesday morning.

  7. by   julianp
    I don't expect many 'facts' from most news agencies. But this story will more than likely be copied by Law and Order next season.

    Since it's Texas I don't think we'll have to worry about this crazy woman getting out in public again.
  8. by   OCNRN63
    The first report I heard of this said she was a registered nurse. This says she's an LPN. I wonder if she's even a licensed nurse. I don't know how many times I've heard of criminal cases involving "nurses," and then it turns out that they were CNAs or CMAs.
  9. by   Horseshoe
    The first report I heard said RN, then the most recent one said LPN. Either way, that's basically irrelevant, though undoubtedly, much will be made of the fact that she is some kind of caregiver.
  10. by   sirI
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  11. by   That Guy
    Why must the media attach that she was a nurse onto it in the first place? You never see Michigan carpenter strung up and killed blah blah or Alaska welfare recipient in tragic DUI.
  12. by   buckshot
    So Sad!
  13. by   Simply Complicated
    Did you guys catch the part of what is going on with the babies father? Sounds like he wasn't given full custody of the baby right now, due to having a criminal background? Says they were concerned because of his backgroud. If that is true, the guy lost his wife, had his child kidnapped and is now having to deal with CPS simply because of a criminal background, which would not be an issue had this not happened to his family. Or maybe I am reading this wrong?
  14. by   Klimpys
    Quote from That Guy
    Why must the media attach that she was a nurse onto it in the first place? You never see Michigan carpenter strung up and killed blah blah or Alaska welfare recipient in tragic DUI.
    Maybe it is because when people think of a nurse they think of a caregiver, someone who would help someone, not someone who would kill a mom and steal her new baby.

    News reports are now saying the killer was a vocational nurse.

    My big question: The killer was not white yet she stole a white baby to replace the baby she miscarried. Either her fiance was white or her education was lacking.