Texas LVN shoots and kills new mom, abducts 3 day old baby - page 3

I just read this. So very sad! Thankfully the baby boy was found alive and well and is being reunited with his father. Thoughts and prayers to Kala Marie Golden's family and loved ones. ... Read More

  1. by   NRSKarenRN
    Corrected title to LVN...
  2. by   OnlybyHisgraceRN
    Why are some of you so hung up on this person's title??? It does NOT matter if she was a CNA, LPN, RN,CRNP, DNP, ABC, XYZ, ETC. Does it make you RNs feel better that she was a LPN???

    We are getting off topic here.

    This women killed someone and kidnapped an annocent new born. I pray for both families as I cannot imagine what they are going through. I pray that little angel is placed in a home where they will be loved and well cared for. This story breaks my heart.