Tenet settles Katrina lawsuit re lack emergency preparedness for $25M - page 2

been on my employeer's safety comittee for 10yrs..just survived planning for hurricane irene --many of our service areas flooded but receeded within 24-36hrs...can't imagine no electricity for 5 days... Read More

  1. by   NightNurse876
    it was a "voluntary" contract meaning if u dont sign then no job offer...after 6months with no job and no other bites the "smart" thing becomes to suck it up. The contract is binding with respect to the agreed upon terms. I get nuthing but they can fire me any time they want AND if the fire me for a reason...which they have to have a reason....I must pay back the amount the came up with and possibly my wages. i hate it but I need my experience and as sucky as the work environment is the hospital has a lot going for it so it'll look good on my resume... hell at 8 months in i was charge nurse...no matter the reason I can now put that on my resume... All I can honestly say is I did not think it was like this in the world of nursing... its freaking depressing... its a freaking gloomy way to start my career...
  2. by   nicurn001
    Is this one of the non union Tenet facilities . As to the terms of the contract I wonder if when you are say 2 years in ( now with experience ) it would be worth while seeing an attorney to explore ways out , particularly with reference to the " voluntary " nature of the contract .Or it may be feasable simply to walk at that time , I would have thought they can only pro rate the penalty , not make you pay everything back .I was in a similar situation when I came from the UK . Interestingly enough if you stand together with other new hires you may be able to change this . On a sma;ller scale , they had recruited several of us from various countries , with a hire in bonus , when they paid us it they took out taxes we said wait a minute , there was no mention of bonus being minus taxes , eventually we got the full amount and they paid taxes upon it .