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10 Statistics About Compensation of Registered Nurses Written by Rachel Fields | October 05, 2010 Reported by the Bureau of Labour Statistics' Occupational Employment and Wages May 2009 data... Read More

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    I live in NJ and work out-patient. My salary is $53,500 with 30 yrs acute care experience. I was unemployed for months, couldn't find an acute care because they would have to pay me for my experience- Hiring freeze is the 2008-2010 recession way of lowering nursing wages across the board. It's setting nursing wages back to the 1990's salary scales. The outcry- Baby Boomers will be retiring in the next few yrs- many of us "baby boomers" are in our early 50's, Medicare starts @ 65 unless I have missed something- that's 15 yrs of living in homeless shelters and eating at soup kitchens. This outcry about the baby boomers is just a marketing strategy for the healthcare corporations to lower nurses wages. Isn't many of the CEO's of these hospitals around our baby boomer age also- does anyone every hear about the cries of desperation for the aging CEO's and oh no what will we do, have any of their salaries ben sliced to crap? May be these CEO's and hosptial administrations should be having an "adopt a Baby Boomer Nurse" campaign- they cut our salaries, took away our benefits and then take away our jobs, so they should adopt us and support us- mortgage, home upkeep, taxes, healthcare, car insurance and car payments etc!!!!
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    Quote from nicurn001
    $100 k / year is possible If you work 40 hours / week = $48.07 / hour .
    We get this type of income in CA , yes because it has a high cost of living but I strongly believe it is because our union has negotiated higher rates which all other employers have to take into account when setting pay rates .
    You would think with reasoning like this- more nurses would band together to start unions in other states or even cities.
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    Why would you think that?
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    Quote from One2gofst
    Why would you think that?
    In order to remain competetive with the rate we have negotiated , other hospitals either have to offer competitive salary or someother incentive to attract staff .
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    I'm in upstate NY and yes the cost of living is higher here then some other states but downstate does have a higher cost of living. Either way no one makes that here. I agree--maybe they are incuding NPs.
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    Quote from Streamline2010
    NURSES get angered about high salaries in nursing? Who are they, nuns? This profession does have some crackpots in it, doesn't it.

    Now tell me, what other professions or occupations "should not be in this for the money?" Let's list them all, right now. Just exactly who should work and not be fairly compensated for it?

    What a bunch of malarkey, "nurses should not be in this for the money." It's just another "women's work is worth less pay" message. Pay for your own training, pass a state exam to get a license, work your tail off, get exposed to all sorts of biohazards continuously, do a dirty job, and don't expect to be paid well for it?? PFFFFFT!! Should doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals also not be in it for the money?


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