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    Yea, its like giving a teenage boy booze and the keys to your car and trusting that he'll be able to "regulate" himself.

    Hmm....i feel like I've seen that pithy saying somewhere...
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    Quote from tntrn
    Government regulation is not going to eliminate people who are bent on screwing other people.
    No one is claiming that government regulation will completely eliminate wrongdoing, but it will sure as hell make it more difficult!

    Sheesh, some of those same people get elected and some are tapped for very high-up administration jobs, even AFTER they are exposed as tax cheats and liars.
    You mean liars in the Bush Administration who lied to the American people and dragged our country into a war under false pretenses, right? The same people who committed war crimes and torture, right? You know what's more outrageous than someone who didn't pay their taxes (and had to answer for it in front of a Senate committee)? Lawyers like John Yoo and Jay Bybee who crafted secret memos (not so secret now) to provide Bush with the legal blueprint for a tyrannical police state, and they did so with no oversight, and did not have to appear before any Senate committee. Those are the things that scare us liberals but I guess we simply have different priorities. Like the U.S. Constitution.
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