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    thank you. i missed that.

    all nurses are required to submit a valid social security number before their application for licensure in california can be processed.

    ...disclosure of your social security number is mandatory. section 30 of the business and professions
    code and public law 94-455 (42 usca 405 (c)(2)(c)) authorize collection of your social security number.
    your social security number will be used exclusively for tax enforcement purposes, for purposes of
    compliance with any judgment or order for family support in accordance with section 11350.6 of the
    welfare and institutions code, or for verification of licensure or examination status by a licensing or
    examination entity which utilizes a national examination where licensure is reciprocal with the requesting
    state. if you fail to list your social security number, your application for initial or renewal license
    will not be processed....

    application for licensure by examination.
    us citizenship or legal status to work in the united states is required or a ss# will not be issued.

    i work with rns who graduated from bsn programs in the philippines who have been voting united states citizens for 15, 20 and more than 30 years.

    possibly the reference to migrant workers was regarding this:

    i don't think the hospital administration i racist against filipino nurses. previously they recruited filipino nurses.

    but the testimony of the former director of critical care clearly states that there was a directive not to hire filipino nurses.
    whether the reason was retaliation for a group trying to keep the hospital in the community, racisim, or some other reason it is not ok. it is a violation of the law.

    their fathers or grandfathers served with united states military in world war ii.
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    I work at CPMC and have almost daily interactions with Diana Karner. And let me tell you, the woman is not nice. She has her hands in everything and everybody is afraid of her. It was about time that some - former - staff spoke out - Kudos to them. Of course, all the others who sat in the meetings where she instructed on the hiring ban won't say a work until subpoenaed, again because of fear of loosing their jobs, such as the director of Med/Surg, HR/Recruiting Director, etc. they all were in those meetings.
    CPMC lacks the leadership a place like that needs. Karner definitely is more interested in keeping her reputation clean, and getting her annual bonus - just ask the NP group, who are being slapped around by her daily. She doesn't care. If CPMC has the leadership they claim they do, they would go ahead and suspend Karner, pending an independent investigation into this matter. Browner stating is it "without merit..." doesn't help at all...just ask any politician who got into trouble and used the exact same defense statement. Three plus employees do not lie and I doubt the CNA would get into it, had they not researched the issue prior to a press release.
    And then there is....the issue of Gavin Newsom's wife...Our Sf mayor's wife gave birth at CPMC's California campus and nursing schedules were changed, so only white nurses would be assigned to her...coincidence??? You tell me!
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    Please refer to the press release. Karner stated: "You are not to hire Filipino nurses, they are all related to each other..." If that's not discriminatory by and itself?!?
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    I defer to the poster with personal knowledge.
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    37,000 out of 91,008 ????? Doesn't seem like discrimination to me.
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    something i haven't seen mentioned is the recent scandal about the incredible number of unlicensed nursing schools that cropped up in the phillipines and the fact that the nle was "leaked" to a large number of students. as a result, it became difficult to figure out whether someone had even graduated from an accredited school, and if they did, did they really pass the nle or were they given advance knowledge of the questions?

    and...the pass rate for the nle has fallen well below 50%..which calls into question the recent (past 6-7 years)quality of the nursing education being provided. ([color=#477fa5]37, 679 out of 91,008 passed the july 2010 sitting.)

    i have no idea whether this was involved in the decisions being made by sutter or cpmc. i have no knowledge of this woman or this particular situation. but i do think that unless someone in the phillipines goes to great lengths to tackle this problem with the legitimacy of the education system over there, that future nurses from the phillipines might have a really difficult time getting hired over here in any hospital.

    the ss# being required for the nclex is something that i think was instituted just in recent months, so i don't think that it had anything to do with the issue at hand.

    i now work with many fillipine nurses. some excellent, some not so much. just like the rest of us.

    no-one should be discriminated against.

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