Susan G. Komen Refuses Donation

  1. It's no pink handgun, but the latest breast cancer research fundraising venture to show up in our inboxes is almost as bizarre., a free online adult entertainment website, has announced that it will be donating a portion of its October revenue to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

    The Cut reported that will be giving the foundation one cent for every 30 views of it's breast-related videos (specifically its "Big Tits" and "Small Tits" clips) through October 31st in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. According to a press release:

    It doesn't matter if you're into itty-bitty-titties, the perfect handful, jumbo fun-bags or low-swinging flapjacks, what matters most is that your kind and selfless gesture will go a long way towards helping our sisters to find a cure.
    Simply visit the landing page on Pornhub's site (link available upon request) and follow the prompts, or head to the 'categories' tab on's home page and choose either "Small Tits" or "Big Tits" videos, then sit back and let the good times bounce.
    This is not the first time has taken up the "pink" cause. In April, the adult website sponsored a "Save Our Boobs Bus," which drove around New York City offering free breast cancer screenings and education about self-examinations. It also featured porn star Bree Olson.

    This bizarre breast cancer awareness initiative comes on the heels of a rough year for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. In February, the organization faced significant backlash for threatening to pull funding to Planned Parenthood. Since then, the foundation has seen significant drops in participation in their "Races for the Cure,"NPR reported in June. The Ohio Race for the Cure saw a 2,000-person decreasebetween this year's September 15th event and last year's (pre-Planned Parenthood controversy), Jezebel noted.

    The promotion may be a stranger example of the "pinkwashing" breast cancer awareness campaigns have been accused of over the past couple of years. Critics accuse those who sell market "pink" products in October as exploitative or just plain missing the point. Lea Goldman explored the business behind these campaignsin a 2011 piece for Marie Claire. She wrote:

    A popular gripe among advocates is that too much is spent on awareness campaigns -- walks, races, rallies -- at the expense of research. (And really, when Snuggies go pink, haven't we hit our awareness saturation point?) There's a case to be made for that, of course, but there's another explanation, one that exposes an ugly, even blasphemous truth of the movement: Breast cancer has made a lot of people very wealthy.
    It's unlikely that the people behind are getting rich off of Komen supporters watching "Tits" videos For The Cure, but is it an effective awareness campaign? Not so sure.
    UPDATE: 10/4 2:29 p.m. -- released a statement Thursday afternoon indicating that they will no longer be donating a portion of their October revenue to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The press release reads:

    Unfortunately, we have had to change our targeted beneficiary. As such, is now calling on all breast cancer foundations to come forward and be considered as the recipient of this cash donation.
    UPDATE: 10/4 3:16 p.m. -- A Komen spokesperson responded via email to The Huffington Post's request for comment, stating: "Susan G. Komen for the Cure is not a partner of We will not accept donations from this organization and have asked them to stop using our name."
    I guess they don't need money that bad.
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  3. by   wish_me_luck
    I think that is sad that Susan G. Komen foundation is refusing their donations. Yes, it is porn, but it is a very kind gesture and female porn stars have breasts too (males can get breast cancer too). I thought the press release was well-written. I don't know what is going on with Susan G. Komen foundation, but they need to get off their high horse.

    I highly suggest that if Susan G. Komen foundation doesn't want it; then, perhaps, they can donate the money to The Pink Daisy Project or take the donations and turn them into gas cards/food cards and donate them to patients and their families with breast cancer.

    My brother is a Hodgkin's Disease survivor and when he was getting chemotherapy, we drove many hours to the hospital where he was treated and then, of course, there's food. It does add up and the families (and patients) are very grateful for the assistance.

    Anyway, I hope that this porn site realizes that there are other (breast cancer) organizations that would very much appreciate their donation and thoughtfulness.
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  4. by   netglow

    Susan G. Komen Foundation is run by fools and liars anyway.

    Don't put on "pink" for those clowns, and don't walk for them either.
  5. by   classicdame
    even their founder quit due to money differences and how her sister's name was being used. Not a fan. I would not want a porn site using my company name either. If they are so altruistic, just donate and shut up
  6. by   Asystole RN
    Quote from classicdame
    even their founder quit due to money differences and how her sister's name was being used. Not a fan. I would not want a porn site using my company name either. If they are so altruistic, just donate and shut up
    The only ones who lose from refusal are those with breast cancer.
  7. by   netglow
    Heck yeah. I'd take money from porno!!!! They were pinning the donation on specific sales... If ANYBODY wanted to donate money to research/prevention/testing/treatment I'd say heck yeah. If you were a drug dealer -- I'd say thank you sir for your contribution. Money is money. Not gonna condone what you do for a living, but I'll sure take your money.

    I just hate the Foundation due to their picking and choosing which women are WORTHY of their help.
  8. by   rubato
    Not a porn lover, but am completely against Susan G. Komen foundation after the Planned Parenthood thing. I actually think it's kind of cute: Save breasts by looking at breasts. Even porn stars have them. In fact, they have a lot more to save!
  9. by   netglow
    uh, errrr.

    Public Service Announcement:
    Just for the record ...not saying nothing about porn pro/con. Just saying I'd take the money if I was Susan G. Komen Foundation.

    Now back to regular programing.

    Thank you,
  10. by   amoLucia
    Don't know if I'm adding insult to injury but there's a current TV commercial on about pink breast cancer program, AVON and a5 hour energy drink. A recent thread here on AN discussed the nasty negatives of those energy drinks.

    To connect ANY program with those energy drinks leaves me to question the 'brains' in marketing who would associate legitimate programs with the drinks. Granted, I need to do more followup, but sheesh, we're talking reputable programs here!
  11. by   lrobinson5
    Susan G. Komen has been so disappointing lately. Who the hell cares what company is donating money? Take what you view as something bad and make something positive out of it.
  12. by   brandy1017
    It's pretty sad that we are so lacking in morals in America today. Why is it disappointing that Susan Komen doesn't want to cooperate with illicit and immoral and dare I say evil! Yes porn and abortion are perfectly legal in America today that doesn't make them right. I say they are doing the right thing and they should have been allowed to withdraw funding to Planned Parenthood, but were literally strongarmed and blackmailed into funding them because of Planned Parenthood media outrage! Planned parenthood's sole reason for existance is abortion, that is where they get their profit! The reason they are being investigated by Congress is because of the illegal things they have done! Susan Komen didn't want to continue to cooperate with evil, even though the money went for breast cancer screenings, because the company kills unborn babies! You can't deny that abortion is killing. The ten commandments say do no kill! We have become a nation of human sacrifice! Back to porn, they have every right to refuse a donation from an illicit source! I support their decision!
  13. by   ixchel
    It's a shame that sex isn't freely celebrated in all of its forms and venues. Consenting adults filming sex acts to be viewed by consenting adults is not morally wrong. Considering some of the disgusting products that have been pink washed in the name of this charity, I'm a little bit sick of all the pink, to be honest. This is a cause people desperately are seeking support for. I'm pretty sure my breast cancer survivor grandmother and friends wouldn't turn their nose up at the funding sources of this cause. Heck, Our presidential candidates have funding sources dirtier than porn.
  14. by   netglow