Survey reports Half- of Nurses Plan Career Change

  1. A new survey is concerned that there going to be a nursing Crisis.

    /' A MN Healthcare recently conducted its 2010 Survey of Registered Nurses to address the issues of job satisfaction levels and if the recession is affecting nursing career plans. The survey was sent to registered nurses via e-mail and 1,399 nurses completed the survey.

    The survey found that almost half (44%) of all nurses plan to make a career change over the next three years, and that more than one-third of the respondents experience job dissatisfaction. Almost 50% of the respondents were nurses between the ages of 40-49, and 59% of the nurses currently hold a position on their hospital's permanent staff.

    AMN Healthcare's survey also found:

    15% of nurses plan to seek a new place of employment should the economy improve a year from now.

    28% of nurses agree with the statement, "I will not be working in this job a year from now."

    46% of nurses agree with the statement "I worry this job is affecting my health."

    29% of nurses plan to take steps in the next one to three years that would take them out of nursing altogether (by retiring or seeking non-nursing jobs) or reduce the volume of clinical work they do (by switching to part-time or less demanding roles).

    8% of nurses returned to the nursing workforce over the last two years, 3% for economic reasons.

    Only 6% of nurses are very confident that healthcare reform will provide a mechanism for ensuring an adequate supply of nurses

    The majority of nurses (55%) believe that the quality of care that nurses provide today has declined compared to when they started in nursing.

    More than one-third of nurses (36%) said they either would not recommend nursing as a career to young people or were not sure that they would."

    While this is alarming, I find that some web site are asking to IMPORT foreign nurses. They are using this survey to ask that congress pass a bill allowing the importation of nurses.

    While I feel this is a flawed survey, I do believe nursing conditions are getting worse. The answer is to make conditions better not import poor nurses who are grateful for any job. While this maybe a short term solution eventually these nurses will burn out too
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  3. by   suni
    If I could find a job that pays what I make now that was non nurising I would take it.
    I realize that health care is a business but I am so tired of trying to do more with less and having management dump more on us.