"Surgical complexity" level is introduced in VA hospitals

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    WASHINGTON — The Veterans Affairs Department is limiting the types of surgeries performed at some of its hospitals following a systemwide review prompted by surgical deaths at its southern Illinois hospital.

    Under a new system, the VA has given each hospital a "surgical complexity" level. Because of that, hospitals in at least five states will now only perform less-complicated surgeries. The hospitals are in Alexandria, La.; Beckley, W.Va.; Fayetteville, N.C.; Danville, Ill.; and Spokane, Wash.

    The VA will pick up the tab for patients who have surgeries performed elsewhere.

    Full Story: The Associated Press: VA limits surgeries at some hospitals after deaths

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    Believe it or not there are in effect "magnet hospitals" for surgery types within the VA system. Omaha is a magnet for bariatric surgery. MPLS doesn't do transplants but does lots of orthopedic procedures....
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    We only do bariatric surgeries at one hospital (out of our group) because the complexity of the cases and the f/u care is well planned and implemented and extremely successful.

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