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From the PBS Newshour: Breathe a little easier, baby boomers. The nursing shortage that looked like it might deepen just in time for your retirement may not be so certain after all. According... Read More

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    Something that makes you immediately think "Cirque du Soleil" possibly involving a trapeze.
    Either that or trainee day at the bikini waxer's.
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    ok....ok....not to rain on your parade cuz I see you're all having lots of fun pointing out the mistakes made in the picture...and it's too bad that such an awful pic was taken...but I hope you know that the "models" in the pic are just doing a photo shoot and it's not real or reality....they are posed like that to illustrate something for some advertisement. Anyhow this thread is about the non existent nursing shortage....right?
    Just so you know nurse's have been shown "modeling" various techniques ever since the camera came upon the scene. Everything from advertisments to textbooks has featured such pictures and for the most part proper technique (well at least appropriate for time period) was shown.

    If one was a student one's teachers made sure if it since you were in effect representing the school. As a RN either the hospital/facility supervisior made sure of it or simply one did so because *that* was the way things were done. It all boiled down to showing nursing arts and representing the profession in the proper fashion. Sloppyness maybe ok for the general public but one never knows who is going to see those pictures. This is ever more true today with the Internet allowing pictures to be archived, used and or transmitted the world over until perhaps the end of time.
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    Since no one else mentioned it, I'll stir the pot.

    According to the study the increase of "young" nurses entering the profession was largely of females. Women who are likely to leave or take a break from nursing (assuming they find work) ir not leave all together to marry and have babies.

    History tells us this number is about 1/3 to 1/4 of young female nurses if not more. While the article also states these new nurses aren't very mobile, it does not take into account many female RNs can and often do move about to suit the employment of their husbands.

    In short just because there is a huge uptick in young women entering the profession that is no reason to whip out the champange just yet. The article also tells us by way of stressing women entering the profession in great numbers that despite many gains by and large men still are not. There is a potential here for a huge impact felt by lack of "male nurses". For as long as nursing remains a "pink ghetto" career choice many of the issues affecting the profession both internally and externally may never be resolved.