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    That's so sad! I agree with the others who questioned: what was the staffing on this day? What type of unit was it? What type of day? WHERE are the care plans kept? I've worked in enough LTC facilities to know that having the staff ton properly ambulated ler the care card is often a luxury. On dementia units, where the majority of reside ts are full assist or 2-person transfer it is almost u heard of to be able to ambulate as per written. Impossible. It doesn't menthe staff or the facility is necessarily negligent, there's just not enough hands to go around, especially at meal and med time. Throw in the agitated residents or the sun-downers and you really have a lot of care to filter between maybe 4-6 staff members. Not criminal- reality. It's sad, but real.

    I've also worked agency in some facilities that were staffed 85% agency, both nurses and CNAs. The CNAs didn't know where the care cards were even kept and so the agency nurse would just read out what was on the report sheet and improvise from there. Or the care sheets were outdated...

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