SUNY Downstate Plans To Shut LICH This Weekend Despite Court Order

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    In a bold move that blatantly ignores court orders, SUNY Downstate officials are relocating patients, transferring employees and planning to shut down all services at Long Island College Hospital this weekend.

    According to a press release sent out from Council Member Stephen Levin's office on Thursday, "Reports from LICH say that doctors and nurses are being told that equipment will be taken out of the hospital, patients will be transferred, and that the last day for surgery is tomorrow [Friday]."
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    This does not look good.

    According to local published reports there are only about 18 patients remaining as of Thursday in LICH and they are scheduled to be transferred out on Friday, then the place will be empty.

    SUNY Downstate argues they aren't closing the hospital per se as it will remain open until the NYS DOH formally shuts the place, but there won't be any inpatient admissions and or much of anything else going on inside the hospital.
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    This is my personal feelings about the hospitals in brooklyn , why stay open for business if the patients are getting substandard care. They are always short staff. If the unions push for safe staffing, all those nurses that was let go by LICH would be hired by the remaining hospitals.
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    Quality is better than quantity.HINT
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    Now the unions can get down to real business. Fight for safe staffing. Make it a law.
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    I have lived in this neighborhood 20 years and my neighbors and I rely on LICH for QUALITY care.
    We are not getting substandard care.
    Why stay open? because the proximity of trauma or cardiac or pediatric emergency care can in fact be the matter of life and death. As proven by neighbor one with pneumothorax -saved, neighbor 2 with heart attack- saved, child choking- saved.....and I could fill pages.
    I became a nurse and chose to work here.
    Our unit has always been safely staffed and excellent care given. QUALITY care, and so expressed by our patients and their families.
    Reports fed to press about 'staffing hemorrhaging' are completely inaccurate. (is that the pc way to say lies).
    LICH ranked #25 in the state.

    This is about real estate with fabulous view in an upcoming waterfront development and money to be made, not what's best for people.
    People will suffer and have already without this hospital. Without this hospital the diversion causes an influx to other hospitals, their staff ratios increase.

    The unions are right to fight this closure!! It IS part of the safe staffing fight. It means lives.
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    Quote from nurseaig
    Now the unions can get down to real business. Fight for safe staffing. Make it a law.

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    Just curious.....did SUNY Downstate recently (in the past few years) acquire LICH? The reason I ask, is SUNY Upstate recently acquired my hospital. There has been some speculation about the fate of our facility over the past few years and this new revelation scares me. Our takeover was largely modeled on the takeover downstate, and many of the promises and assurances given to us have never come to fruition. I find myself going to the same facility I have been going to for the past 15 years and getting bumped in seniority by nurses with 3 years experience coming from the main campus. Also there has been a big clash in cultures between how the state runs things and how we do things. Our facility didn't get itself in trouble because of poor nursing care, we got in trouble because of fiscally irresponsible management. This really is a crime. To have the state come in take over a facility and then try to sell to the highest bidder should not be allowed. I really hope the union steps up to the plate on this one. They certainly didn't seem to be there when the original takeover was happening.
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    Depending upon whom you believe and or trust LICH has been in financial trouble for some time.

    In 1988 LICH formed an agreement with Continuum Health Partners which was supposed to save the place, but the latter seems only to have looted the former by selling off properties and moving *out* funds. Long story short in 2010-2011 LICH found itself again on the market as Continuum Health Partners claimed the hospital was losing them money (they also own Beth Israel, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center among other healthcare facilities), and was going to be shut down. By now the place was >$300M in debt.

    Since this was about the same time Saint Vincent's and North General were shut then governor Patterson, Albany and SUNY stepped in to stop yet another NYC hospital from going under.

    Hamill: Long Island College Hospital merged to death* - NY Daily News

    SUNY/NYS taxpayers picked up LICH"s massive debt and were supposed to turn the hospital around. So far that hasn't happened and SUNY Downstate has it's own financial worries including being under mandate from Albany to sort itself money wise. Clearly SUNY has chosen to protect it's flagship hospital (Downstate) over LICH.

    Again depending upon whom you believe or trust Long Island College Hospital is and has been avoided by local residents for years, this includes the newly "gentrified" arrivals of Park Slope, Cobble Hill, etc... who either go to Manhattan or Long Island for care. Staff say this is rubbish and since one does not work at LICH cannot say. Do know last time one looked at state census figures for Booklyn LICH had one of the lowest inpatient bed rates of the borough.

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