SUNY Downstate Plans To Shut LICH This Weekend Despite Court Order - page 2

In a bold move that blatantly ignores court orders, SUNY Downstate officials are relocating patients, transferring employees and planning to shut down all services at Long Island College Hospital this weekend. According to a... Read More

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    An update of sorts:

    Apparently on 22 July 2013 the NYSDOH gave formal approval to shut Long Island College Hospital. However there are restraining orders against SUNY Downstate by a NYS judge from removing patients etc... LICH administration and management claim that the NYS decision to close the hospital over rides the judge's order. LICH DEAD UPDATE: State approves closure plan, hospital says judge’s order to keep it open will be ignored • The Brooklyn Paper

    Meanwhile only about <20 patients remain at LICH and the hospital has sent layoff notices to about 600 nurses and other staff saying they are surplus to requirements. While they will continue to receive wages and bennies, administration says there are more than enough staff to care for the few remaining patients: As Employees Are Let Go, LICH Demonstrators Arrested - Metropolis - WSJ

    As if this story isn't sad enough we must forget it involves patients, including an elderly man suffering from AMS who was found walking along the BQE with all his belongings in a bag. LICH administration has been seeking to put the man on a one way bus trip to Florida, this despite he speaks no English and barely knows where and or who he is: Patient’s future uncertain as struggling hospital contemplates one-way plane ticket to Florida | PIX 11

    All and all unless there is some eleventh hour reprieve or miracle Long Island Hospital will shut this weekend. Considering the dire financial straights of SUNY Downstate the campus is most certainly going to be sold off and considering it's value probably to real estate developers.

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