STUDY: Most Doctors Decline ‘Friend’ Requests From Patients - page 3

Here is an interesting article abstract from the Journal of Medical Ethics. Even though this is specific to doctors, I am sure the similar concerns would hold true to nurses and patients. I think this is something every health... Read More

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    My physician decided to accept my request because I am an RN and I think she knows I am not going to be sending anything other than "Hi." Most patients don't get this professional relationship and how it must stay that way. So the term "friend" will be misinterpreted.

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    Isn't it amazing how a social network can alter the professional perception of your provider? Folks, be aware that the professional who treats you also has a personal life. All providers put their pants/skirts on one leg at a time, all go to the bathroom at least daily, and occasionally let the dogs loose. That being said, anyone (professionals and nonprofessional) who post pictures and private information on a social network should be ready to "have rocks thrown at their greenhouse."
    Personally, any provider who uses a social network should have their head examined. It only leads to inuendo and/or undue attention. I do not tweet,twit,or face on any level. All professionals should heed the advice. Regardless of how you feel about it, clients expect a professional demeanor and will not tolerate the smallest infraction.
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    I don't do this social network business, but if I did, no I certainly would never "friend" patients or coworkers. For that matter, there is no way I would ever use my real name either.
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    We have a few nurses that friend a lot of the NICU moms. I refuse. If they want to send me pictures of their baby growing up if I primaried them, I'll give them my email.
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    I use face book, but have all the sercurity setting to friends only. I have a few pictures that have been tagged of me while out partying, but as my Mum is on facebook too, I heavily censor and edit what goes on my page.
    I ocasioanlly whine about work on fb, but only ever in a 'that was a hard shift, looking forward to days off' kind of way.
    I have one ex patient on my fb, but it was from over a year ago, (and he turned up in my social group) but thats it. I wouldnt dream of adding patients if they were just atients as friends, and also I'm warey about adding co-workers.

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