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while enrollment in nursing programs nationwide has increased every year for nearly a decade, the deepening economic crisis is making such programs even more popular - and competitive - than ever. however, some experts say a... Read More

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    All I know is I want to be a nurse so dam bad but the schedules are crazy. I live in Northern Jersey- can you say competitive!?! What little RN programs that are available, seem to be geared towards high school graduates. If you have children or need to work full time (or both) , best of luck to you. Dedication is key... You definitely have to want to be a nurse! :redpinkhe

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    When my son graduated high school I persuaded him to take up nursing to be like me even though he wanted business ad. Now he is in third year BSN program and is learning to like the course and I'm one happy mom. I agree that nursing can sometimes literally be a dirty job because we are taking care of sick people. I am an OC kind of person but would you believe if I tell you that once I wear my uniform and pin I transform into a caring person. Amazing ha! Once you are happy and proud to be a nurse, you will do just right and serve with love and dignity. Hurray to us all!
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    Quote from Helen27
    I'm not a nurse but i would love to become a nurse, that is my dream since i was a little girl. but i think the best way to find out is you really like being a nurse is to volunteer a few hours a week. that is what i'm doing since is so hard to getting into nursing school i decide to volunteer just to see if i like it and don't waste time and energy trying to become something that at the end I might regret.
    Volunteering still does not prepare you for all of the responsabilities that you have, and all of the documentation and paperwork that is your responsability. But maybe that is good, because If I had known what was really involved, I am not sure If I would have continued.
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    Quote from brian
    However, some experts say a lack of available spots in nursing schools and the hard work and dedication required of nurses could be barriers for some aspiring RNs. "Yes, it's a route to some form of job security, but you really have to want to be a nurse," said Frances LaFauci, associate dean of nursing for Suffolk County Community College, adding, "You have to be tough, physically and mentally."
    Thank God someone FINALLY wrote something that depicts the reality behind nursing.

    Almost EVERY article I read about the shortage paints nursing out to be this miracle career: go to school for 2 years and you will have a job forever! You can make big bucks so you can buy all sorts of useless stuff! And if you want to work 1 hour a day, then doggone it, you can do it - and STILL make a lot of money! All you have to do is wipe some butts, fill out some charts, and maybe give a shot or two! Easy! Oh, and don't forget the MONEY!!!

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    There may be tons of people trying to become nurses, that doesn't mean that they will make it through the program. It takes so much time and dedication to even make it through school, between my first and second semesters of an ADN program we went from 47 students down to 23.
    Even though I am still a student, I truly love nursing already and I commend the men and women that do it on a daily basis; I hope to join their ranks soon!
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    Quote from awsmom8
    what i find it funny that this article reports that "such programs even more popular - and competitive - than ever. however, some experts say a lack of available spots in nursing schools and the hard work and dedication required of nurses could be barriers..." as if this was a new trend? it's been this way for years!!!!
    yes it has always been hard work and dedication, but it was not that long ago that nursing schools were not as impacted as they are now. a year before i applied to the two nursing programs i applied to (one asn and one bsn; i got into the bsn) the asn program announced that they had the most enrollees and longest waiting list in history. my friend said that he was talking to one of the teachers and said that only a few years prior she was having to go to hs to try and recruit people, that it was only after the nursing shortage announcement and the hard sell of nursing did people start to want to become nurses. totally frustrating for me because i have wanted to be a nurse for what seems like forever, i had so many people in my pre-reqs that i will be surprised to still be nurses five years out; one girl even said she wanted to be a surgical nurse because she did not like people and at least they are asleep when they are in surgery and that she was going into it for the money.
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    My nursing class in 2005 started with 110 students. The number that graduated on time was less than 20. Can you believe that? We counted at the graduation ceremony. I think it was 17. There were 10 that dropped out in the first week, after the bed bath video. My concern is that the screening process to select students needs to be better. More than 300 people applied for those spots....and this was right after they dropped the point system and said they were using a "holistic" process (with no rules). Didn't work out too well, huh?
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