Student Nurse kills patient w/ excuse "Anyone can get confused" after admin coffee IV - page 3

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"A student nurse who mistakenly injected coffee into the veins of an 80-year-old patient who died hours later has defended herself by saying "anyone can get confused." Rejane Moreira Telles, 23, said she had just three... Read More

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    Maybe the equipment there is not up to our standard of having different routes that are almost impossible to hook up to a luer lock IV system. I say almost, because I managed to finagle a way to hook an IV up to a JP drain. Maybe their tube feed system just has an older setup where such things could be put together.
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    HOW IN THE HECK?! Are we talking about coffee that was sitting brewed in a cup? Yeah, maybe they do things differently in other countries, but I can't imagine using a cup during any administration process other than water with a feeding tube? That's wild. It's scary that someone with that little sense can even get IN to nursing school! Even when I was allowed to give medicines independently my final semester, I wouldn't give a cough drop or nicotine gum (literally) without my preceptor being right there to watch. The patients would get annoyed, but oh well. I didn't want to be anywhere near the medicine without the nurse watching. Scary!
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    Some clients should never receive coffee. I was told that in nursing school. Would it not dehydrate you?
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    I think that is the least of anyone's concern, katie13LPN.
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    Holy crap!


    When I think I have a bad day, its news like this that kinda puts things in perspective. That girl is having a way worse day than me.
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    I can see how a mistake could be made if two lines were near each other. I still see this as an error of the greatest magnitude. But...

    Some years ago in my NH, I had a pt who had a horrendous UTI. She had the thickest, yuckiest urine drainage I ever saw. Just know that this pt had a suprapubic catheter system. She also had a GT with continuous enteral feeding. Those 2 stomas were only inches apart. I strongly suspected that someone accidently hooked up the feeding to the SP cath. (Nurse or CNA?) I brought up the possibility to the MD & nsg admin but nobody else seemed to share my concern.

    Still, this inquiring mind would have liked to have known...
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    Quote from Katie13LPN
    Some clients should never receive coffee. I was told that in nursing school. Would it not dehydrate you?
    No patient should ever receive coffee IV, which is what happened here. This was not a case of a patient who should not have gotten coffee to drink. This is why it is so important to trace lines in both directions to see what is where.
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