St. Vincent's, Last Catholic Hospital In Manhattan NYC May Close

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    Earlier today it was announced that St. Vincent's Mahnattan may go the of every other Catholic hospital in NYC.
    For anyone in nursing, this means there could be more experienced nurses out of work.

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    This is sad news, I always considered St. Vincent's a great hospital.
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    I had my daughter at St. Vincent's. The nurses in L & D and NICU were the main reason why I decided to become a nurse. I would hate to see them go and DoGood is right, their closing means even less room for newbie nurses in NYC.
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    Can remember when St.Vinny's closed their lying in/birthing "hospital" several years ago, now this.

    Things do not look good as SVMC has already been through one bankruptcy, and sees no end to the red ink it is bleeding (about 10M per month, according to last night's local news reports). Odd thing is, like much else to do with the Catholic church, the hospital is rather well off in assets. Indeed there is/was a plan to tear down the building across the street from SVMC to build a new and more modern hospital, then sell off the older buildings for development. Even in today's depressed real estate market, prime Village property would fetch a tidy sum.

    Like the other "Catholic" hospitals of New York City (Cabrini, etc...) what is doing SVMC is the conflict of their mission to provide care, including lots of charity care, versus the sad reality of funding. So many patients at SVMC are under insured or lack insurance all together. Many of the rest are Medicaid or Medicare, thus reimbursement rates from the state and federal government do not cover full costs.

    St. Vincent's Hospital Manhattan is almost an iconic symbol of not only NYC, but the Village. Persons injured in almost every disaster from the Titanic to 9/11/01 went to SVMC for treatment, really hope something can be done.
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    I worked there until recently, when I relocated to Florida with my fiance. Sad, very sad.
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    My husband had cardiac surgery there, transferred from its then-sister hospital, St Vincent's, in Staten Island. That's also been sold.

    It's a good hospital.
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    Area residents and employees of St. Vinny's are pulling out all the stops and launching all sorts of media and other pressure in an attempt to keep the hospital open, but again, things do not look good.

    Simply put the charity care model on which St. Vincents and by extension many other Catholic hospitals are run, is *very* difficult with today's financial costs. SVMC is loosing about ten million dollars a month, and no one, not NYC, NYS or anyone else has found a way to address that short coming.

    True to their mission, SVMC provides a huge amount of care for the poor and indigent population of not only the Village, but much of lower Manhattan as well. Where are those people going to go?
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    Well, unless something drastic happens, things do not look good for St.Vinny's
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    How very very sad
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    My cousin worked in the lab there from the time she finished St. John's U. until just before her oldest daughter got so sick with Lymphoma. She commuted from W.Hempstead to St Vinny's for two 16h and one 8 h shift a weekend for 20 something years. She's passed away now and apparently St Vinny has too.

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