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Earlier today it was announced that St. Vincent's Mahnattan may go the of every other Catholic hospital in NYC. For anyone in nursing, this means there could be more experienced nurses out of work.... Read More

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    My comments:

    Grew up with and worked at Saint Vincent's of Richmond (Staten Island), which went through similar woes and ended up being sold/merged with Bayonne General (another hospital almost on the brink), the new "Richmond University Medical Center", apparently is doing better. At the time since Bayonne was in or near bankruptcy many on Staten Island opposed the merger, but it was made clear that it was *this* or nothing as no one else wanted the old SVMC of SI, and it would simply close it's doors.

    As someone who grew up in NYC during the 1980's it really is a shame that in about twenty years, the hospital system built up by the Church,the Sisters of Charity and other holy orders are mostly gone.

    Besides the hospitals themselves, would urge many to research the unique contributions Catholic sisters made to the nursing profession in the United States.

    Yes, they founded, built and ran hospitals, but there was so, so much more. In days when women had few if any rights (especially within the Chuch itself), the sisters were often a forceful power.

    A few good books on the matter:

    "Who Will Take Care Of Our Sick?"

    "Sisters Catholic Nuns and the Making of America"

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    Amen St Vincent's will be missed.

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