St. Cloud Hospital suspends nurse after 23 inadvertently infected

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    A St. Cloud Hospital nurse is suspended pending an investigation into claims that the nurse inadvertently introduced bacterial infections into 23 patients while stealing pain medication from patients’ IV bags for personal use.

    The 23 patients were in one, unidentified unit of the hospital at various times between October and early March and were treated for the resulting symptoms, the most common of which was fever. Those patients have been released from the hospital, although one had to be readmitted for symptoms related to the infection.

    A criminal investigation is under way involving the Drug Enforcement...

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    So sad.
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    Inadvertent? That implies the nurse didn't know she was exposing patients to infection. The nurse knew the risks and did it anyway.
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    These incidents are becoming much too commonplace. Something should be done. Is this the image of nursing we want the general public to have?
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    Inadvertent? I don't think so. He/she was stealing drugs and exposed these folks to air-borne pathogens. Sevensonnets is right. This nurse knew what he/she was doing and exposed the patients anyway.
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    I think "inadvertant" is correctly - she did not knowingly set out to cause infection in these individuals. Therefore, the infections were "inadvertant."

    If she had been using used, dirty syringes to do it, then I could argue that it wasn't inadvertant.
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    so shameful that one can be licensed, drug seeking and put people's lives at risk.
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    I hope that's all she exposed them to...hopefully not one of the incurable H's!
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    Definitely not inadvertent. Better to call it premeditated ( or premedicated in this case) collateral damage.
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    This is absolutely unacceptable! Nurses and drug abuse is beginigto reach almost every single community across the United States. This is not nursing, this is a sad case of addicts. How is this happenign so often? Actually the question needs to be WHY?
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