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News rules may be needed because sperm banks may be selling lots of sperm from "popular donors". I've discussed this in an ethics class and I'm glad it is in the public view now. I was happy to learn... Read More

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    Is this the "brave new world'? Talk about unintended consequences!

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    I don't think that most donors are aware of how many possible pregnancies are possible from one donation. And I believe that it was totally unethical for the agencies to use one donor for more that 3-5 pregnancies.

    This is very sad in so many ways.
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    There are men out there with multiple children. 10+ who don't know of some of them without ever having been sperm donors.... plenty of people don't know who his/her father is. I know a number of people who found out later in life that they had multiple half sibilings. sometimes the fathers knew, other times it was a suprise to them as well.
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    The difference is that this requires alot of effort and forethought. People desire to know their father,or at least who is their father. I just don't like the idea of anonymous sperm donors.
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    The situations mentioned above by anotherone are considered unfortunate,with the children paying the price. I don't understand why it's ok to create these circumstances intentionally...
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    i have wondered about my unknown brothers and sisters. they would all be older than i am. my dad who was an attorney/physician, donated his sperm while a student in both programs because students were not allowed to work while med or law students back then, and while my mom worked as a social worker, he felt he should contribute as well.

    i didn't know he'd donated sperm until college, when i brought someone i was seriously dating home
    for the weekend. my usually unflappable mom's jaw hit the floor! she managed to pull herself together and be a good hostess, but the very first moment we were alone, she asked me if he had been adopted. she said, "didn't you and ___ ever notice how much you look alike?"

    my dad was mostly swedish and had that unusual almost colorless white blond hair and his eyes were
    an unusual shade of blue that someone once described as "haunting" and ___ had the same hair and eyes. once it was pointed out to me, i realized he could be a cousin or a brother.

    that was pre-dna and we eventually drifted apart, but all i can say is: yikes!!
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    I knew someone online whose child was a donor baby. The child ended up having a horrid genetic skin condition that they felt came from the donor. They were able to track down other children from this donor on-line by posting the donor number and name of the clinic, and found that several other children had this same condition. The parents of these kids were about to file a lawsuit, not to get compensation, but to stop the clinic from using this person's sperm because apparently he was quite a prolific donor. I never knew the outcome of it. It just goes to show how probably in real life this man would have only fathered a few children, and even less if they had stopped because of this condition. Instead he has fathered many many affected children and probably doesn't even know it.
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